Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Feeling must be earned...

I base my maps on how I want the player to feel. I have ideas of huge revelations to the player, moment of intense emotions like fear, elation, power, revulsion, relief etc...

While I may never manage to actually get a player to feel these intense emotions I think if you aim for them youre on the right track.

What I've learned is that these feelings cant be achieved through quick scenarios, they must be earned through the map sections prior to that moment.

A stressed out player (who is having fun being stressed, hopefully) is much more likely to succumb to these feelings.

If your map is too easy, the player never feels in danger and therefore never emotionally invests in the game experience.

Bottom line... Im learning why all those twists and turns along the way are so necessary... its all about building up to these big moments.

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