Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Allowing Players To Play - Free Prefabs Anyone?

I'm currently mapping for Half Life 2: Episode 2 and in my tinkering I've produced a number of fun prefabs that can be added to maps for the player to muck about with.

See it's more than just a good layout and engaging combat and puzzles.
The Half-Life 2 world gave the player a million things to tinker with through the physics engine and the grav gun.

I think levels are all the better when the player has numerous objects to interact with.

So here we go...

1: The Fire Axe Cabinet

Pretty straight forward. A cabinet with breakable glass and a prop_physics fire axe. Great for that quick zombie kill if required!


2: The Gas Bottle and Fire Lamp

This one gives the player a choice.. do you want light? or an explosive barrel to throw at the enemy. Pull the gas barrel and the flame goes out.


3: Explosive Gas Tank On A Rope

So much fun to be had with an explosive gas tank hanging on a rope. For extra fun the rope is breakable so you can spin it like crazy then cut it and watch it fly.
Might want to warn the player that if they're close when they fling it it might come back round on them... ouch!


4: Explosive Oil Drum Dispenser

Yes it's Aazell's patented oil drum dispenser. When you need those oil drums thick and fast... accept no substitute!
Pull the bottom plank with the grav gun and you're ready for some oil drum flinging fun!

Just be careful where you leave your grenades, this baby goes off like a rocket!


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