Friday, 13 April 2012

More Let's Plays Of Daylight!

First up we have a fantastic Let's Play video in two parts from DrOcto!
He has a wonderful German accent and it's a genuinely funny video.

Part 1:
DrOcto makes a new friend called Paul and then kills him and loses him repeatedly....

Part 2:
DrOcto forgets about Paul completely and instead gets on with playing the mod.
Seems obsessed with gifts!

Next Up!

Bilaros sent through an almost completely cold playthrough of the mod. There's no commentary but what's really interesting is you can see his thought process as he approaches each puzzle. You can almost hear the cogs whirring away in his head and see the moment it clicks.
Fun to watch...

As a level designer it's fascinating to see how each player approaches each new situation. What are they drawn to, what misunderstandings occur. Do they understand what is important in that space etc...

Well worth a watch for level designers out there.

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